Thursday, June 7, 2012

Peavine trail, Prescott

Short entry today.  Last Saturday my girlfriend and I headed up to Prescott for the day.  Part of the agenda included a hike on the Peavine trail.  This is a rail-trail that skirts the eastern shoreline of Watson Lake.  Being a rail trail, its flat and arrow-straight, but the views over the lake were nice enough.  At the north end of the lake, the trail connects to a network of trails in the Granite Dells.  We did a short portion of the Lakeshore trail, and it was here that things got interesting, as the trail dipped in and out of the rock formations.  I'd likely return to do more hiking here, though I would probably bring a bike as a tedium-reduction device for the first stretch along the actual Peavine trail, as there's no particular reason to recommend hiking this route over biking.

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